Videos de NEWAVERS

Estos son algunos de los videos que puedes encontrar en el canal YouTube de NEWAVERS. Por si quieres pasar un buen rato viendo a tus bandas favoritas, aquí te dejo la lista completa de videos que figuran en el mismo:

- The Boys (UK) - Sway
- Elvis Costello and The Attractions (UK) - Oliver's Army (Kenny Everett Show)
- Pointed Sticks (Canadá) - Lies
- The Radiators (Irlanda) - Song of Faithful Departed
- The Rezillos (UK) - Top of the Pops
- The Riptides (Australia) - Tomorrows Tears
- The Shivvers (USA) - Please Stand By
- The Speedies (USA) - Time
- The Speedies (USA) - Something on my mind
- Stiff Little Fingers (Irlanda) - Nobody's Hero
- The Vapors (UK) - Waiting for the weekend
- Powerplay (Holanda) - Love can break your heart
- The Barracudas (UK) - Summer Fun
- The Aliens (Australia) - Follow that girl
- The Autographs (UK) - While I'm Still Young
- Elton Motello (Bélgica) - Jet Boy Jet Girl
- The VIP's (UK) - Causing Complications
- The Blue Ox Babes (UK) - There's no deceiving you
- Rockpile (UK) - So It Goes
- The Stiffs (UK) - Hardly Paradise (Radio Session - Live)
- The Hitmen (Australia) - Everybody Knows
- The Banned (UK) - Little Girls (en Top of the Pops)
- Purple Hearts (UK) - Millions like us + Jimmy
- The Finders (USA) - Calling Dr. Howard
Heartbreak (Suecia) - Min Tjej Viker Ut Sej I Fibban
- The Marbles (USA) - Red Lights
- Elvis Costello and The Attractions (UK) - Oliver's Army
- White Heat (UK) - Nervous Breakdown
- Artful Dodger (USA) - A girl (La la la)
- Dead Boys (Stiv Bators) (USA) - I'm not that way anymore
- The Saints (Australia) - Know Your Product
- B-Girls (USA) - High school dance
- Tonight (UK) - Money
- The Pinkees (UK) - Gonna be lonely again
- The Times (UK) - I helped Patrick McGoohan escape
- Any Trouble (UK) - Second Choice
- The Spliffs (Australia) - Are you happy now?
- Mamá (España) - Chicas de Colegio

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